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2. Concepts

Concept of imoneez is based on anonymous coins and cheques used, which are the RSA ecnrypted messages. The coin is the one time generated random number with random public RSA key, stored in the database, the private encripted data is sent to peer. When the peer wants to make payments, it makes request to money server with 'TRANSFER' request (see MIME extensions for transactions) with coin attchament, server verifies the coins and ability of request and stores the request in its transaction database deleting coins accepted for request from peer. When this process finished successfully server returns 'OK reply' (see payment protocol docs) to peer with 2 cheques included, one for peer, one for recipient of transactions as keys to new moneys. Then peer must send recipients cheque to the recipient, which takes its own new generated coin. So both sides has cheques of transaction made, and the third side (server) stores both cheques for possible disagreements.

The diagram showing the process of transaction

Let see the figure. The start of transaction is when the sender makes an invoice of transaction (1 phase), which includes the type of invoice, payment value and coins attached. Next the sender sends his invoice throgh the special mail server, which has filter installed for invoice messages. Filter searches some fields in messages and if the message contains needed fields it filters body, if none, then messsge is sent as normal email. The body is searched for attachments with defined MIMEs. If the transaction is normal transfer transaction, body must contain attched coins, which are filtered and verified by the filter. Verification is a next level request to monetary server (MServer1 on figure) with coins sender's included and with the value of transaction. If coins are valid coins, then the filter replaces coins attached with the replied cheques for transactions made by monetary server during coins verification.

And then mail server (B1 on figure) sends the invoice as a normal email. Next phase of transaction is a message delivering by another mail server (B2 on figure), which has filter on delivering agent, which task is to place messages to approapriate folders. It filters the messages and searches invoice fields in it then it does back procedures on the invoice - replaces cheques attached with the coins, retrieved from monetary server using this cheques.

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